Scott Zarenchansky – "Flippy"

scottCreative Guide • Principal

Bio: Scott brings years of talent and experience to the team in the most creative realms of communications, design and marketing. With a strong sense of value-driven purpose and talent, he clearly creates a "buzz" in everything he does with specialties in business strategy, web development/design, and creative direction. His strengths include achieving organizational goals by leading collaborative team efforts and managing multiple priorities. He understands that business priorities change and thrives on the challenge rather than trying to fit everything into a cookie cutter mold.

Favorite Gadget: A compass – "so you can find your way home"

Favorite Quote: "Taking a trip for six months, if you get in the rhythm of it, it feels like you could just go on forever doing it...The whole purpose of climbing Everest is to effect some sort of spiritual and physical gain; but if you compromise the process, you're a [jerk] when you start out and you're a [jerk] when you get back." - Yvon Chouinard

Sharon Boeckle – "Eagle"

sharonWeb Video • Film

Bio: Sharon is a producer and writer who is able to capture images and edit them to reveal the client's message in a captivating and pure form. Sharon's experience as a producer and writer include a feature screenplay, The Single Chick's Guide to Italy (currently being adapted into a novel) and first documentary film, Vendemmia, which she just recently completed. Sharon loves to tell a great story, and whether the story is being told through copy for a website, in a script for a tv commercial or documentary-style piece, or through a great PR campaign, her strength is working with the team to bring those stories to life.

Favorite Gadget: Canon 5D Mk III – images are powerful, a tool that allows me to be a media voice

Favorite Quote: "Life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life." - Dalai Lama

Adam Aronson – "Double"

adamPhotography • Art Direction

Bio: Based out of New York City until seven years ago, Adam has worked with extremely talented artists and vanguard creative individuals on projects ranging from international advertising campaigns to simple portraits. He has shot in locales around the world including London, Italy (extensively), Spain, Mexico, Peru, and Hawaii and more locally in LA, Seattle, Boston, Maine, and Palm Springs, to name a few. He says that he was born with an innate curiosity for all things visual, not simply capturing moments on film but creating moments to be captured. In his early years, Adam honed his skills in Miami during a 6-month photography boot camp before moving to NYC; he continued a seasonal migration back to Miami for 4 more years of 'southern exposure'. He is now based out of Texas (yee-hah!) and has many canvases yet to create.

Favorite Gadget: Canon Powershot G95 – for its versatility and range

Favorite Quote: "You are either living on the edge or you are taking up space." – anonymous friend