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Yes, You Actually Learned It In Kindergarten


Written for our client, Palm Cove Estates, to help them communicate ideas about being a good neighbor.

Living in Palm Cove Estates is a pretty great thing. We have great people, long sidewalks for good exercise, rising property values, and even some rules that help us maintain this desirable neighborhood. The rules are designed not to be a hassle but to make sure that we respect our neighbors, keep our property values strong, and ensure that we have a safe and pleasant community.

It occurs to me that to be human is to make mistakes and sometimes, to forget the basics. To paraphrase the title of one of my favorite poems by Robert Fulghum, "All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten" -- Everything You Need To Know About Being A Good Neighbor You Learned In Kindergarten. The poem can also apply to the basics of being a good neighbor. We are all in this together—we all live in the same neighborhood. For example, if you park your car over a sidewalk, you are forcing your neighbor to walk in the street instead of on the safety of the sidewalk...would you want to walk in the street...would you want your child to walk in the street? Of course not, it's the little things, small considerations that are actually the big things that go a long way to making our neighborhood a place of harmony and serenity.

"Individually we make a difference but collectively we make our world the way it is."

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